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The world comes to life as the wedding procession dances down the aisle to the beat of the dhol. You, the Baraati, are the life of the party here at the Indian wedding extravaganza! Centuries of tradition have shaped the role of a Baraati. It's a role characterized by the best clothes, the laughs exchanged during auspicious rites, and the imprints of joyful dances. As the leader of the groom's team, you play a crucial role in this exuberant celebration. Your goal? to remain cool amid the chaos of the celebrations while looking stunning.

A Baraati's wardrobe is less about clothes and more about festive gear to traverse the constellation of wedding activities, which include the joyful Sangeet night, which is full of dancing and song, the Haldi, which is painted in hues of turmeric and joy, and the important wedding procession and reception. Don't worry; we've got the ultimate style guide to guarantee that you turn heads everywhere you go without having to exert any effort.

Kurta Jacket Ensemble:

The kurta jacket combination is a game-changer when it comes to men's ethnic clothing. Consider luxury materials like silks and silk mixes, which feel airy while being worn during lengthy ceremonies and intense dance-offs. A Printed Green Kurta Set With Nehru Jacket and white pants, Teal Blue Kurta With Printed Jacket and white pants.  


Printed Green Kurta

You should be searching for well-fitting Chikankari kurtas with intricate embroidery, or mirror work and brocade kurtas that have just enough flair for those spontaneous bhangra motions. What about the jacket? Rich in embroidery and sequins, it makes a statement and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Indo-Western Best of Both Worlds:

Let's move on to Indo-Western fashion, which blends traditional and modern elements. One such power move is the Jodhpuri outfit. The British military tunic serves as its model, but the Baraati adapts it with indigenous textiles and embroidery to create a regal but modern look. When worn with pants that have a modern silhouette, the Jodhpuri suit transforms into a symbol of world design that looks great in both an urban setting and a castle. Consider it the hipper, more cultured cousin of the tuxedo.

jodhpuri suit
modi jacket

Additionally, the Nehru jacket pair offers refinement with a hint of sexiness for people who enjoy the unusual. The jacket combination welcomes adaptability and deviates from the traditional route. The Baraati group is given a sense of political seriousness and intellectual attractiveness by its Mandarin collar. A magnificent Nehru jacket also known as a Modi jacket with opulent zari embroidery in black, white, or blue is a great option. Perfect for pre-wedding parties, it delivers a visual sonnet of casual elegance when paired with a kurta or even Western formal dress.


Not to be overlooked is the Sherwani. This isn't your typical bridal attire. The attire is what turns heads and is captured on video. For the ideal baraati style, pay attention to the cut and the appropriate fit and select from elegant brocades or classic zardozi embroidery. The Sherwani, often associated with weddings, is the epitome of classic and modern style. With its long, coat-like form and its embrace of modernity through cuts and embellishments that speak to a current design language, it retains the gravity of tradition.

Designers sometimes use this outfit as a test project to combine intricate needlework with light fabric, allowing the Baraati to move and groove freely without feeling constrained by the weight of his clothing. Select a front-opening sherwani jacket for a stylish Baraati ensemble. This design is more formal and stands out from the typical sherwani worn by grooms.

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