Frequently Asked Questions

I am based in USA and want to place an order in another country. Can I do that?

Currently, we do not have this service. We are able to process only those orders which have billing and shipping addresses of same country. For further queries, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team.

What if I am unavailable during the delivery of my order?

We kindly request that you notify us ahead of time about your upcoming travel arrangements. This will enable us to schedule the shipment of your garment accordingly. Rest assured; we will provide you with a tracking number via email once the order is ready for dispatch. Please note that our shipments are organized without requiring a signature. To safeguard your order and prevent any potential loss or theft, we strongly advise your presence at the time of delivery.

How can I determine the appropriate size to order?

For your convenience, each product display page on our website features a dedicated 'Size Chart' segment, readily available to aid you in selecting the ideal fit. Alternatively, you can access the size chart directly here.

Additionally, we offer a measurement form that you can complete by following our step-by-step measurement guide found here. Feel free to email the form to us, and we will gladly provide guidance on the size that would best suit you.

How will the garment fit me? Will I be able to raise my arms up all the way? Will I face any restrictions in body movements?

Body Movement Restrictions: For Indian Sherwanis and customized outfits, the fabrics used may be thicker due to embroidery and full fusing. This may naturally restrict arm movements, squatting movements, and the ability to raise arms fully or do buttons independently.
If you want to reduce these restrictions, then please opt for VERY COMFORT FIT OPTION: This will relieve some movement restrictions. Please note that if you choose a very comfortable fit option, we will not be responsible for any alterations after the delivery. We will not be able to taper it or take it in from anywhere.

What if the color doesn’t match to what we see online vs. what we receive?

We at Rivesse try to bring you the best when it comes to dying fabrics and color correcting. However, dying of cloth is a hand handled process and is not 100% error free. Minor difference in the color is not guaranteed by us, but don’t worry we will make sure that you receive what you ordered.
We also recommend you go by our recommendation of colors from the color palette, any selection outside of our recommended colors is not guaranteed by us.

What If I want to choose my own color palette?

Certain fabrics are semi-dyeable, we recommend you go by our expert’s advice while selecting fabrics, selection of fabrics with colors of your own choice will completely be your responsibility and Rivesse will not be liable for any exchange or return whatsoever. Also, the same cloth dyed different times may give different results and hence we recommend you place bulk orders at once to avoid difference in color.


If the measurements are provided by you, then they must be accurate and they must follow the measurement chart provided. We reserve the right to adjust if something doesn’t make sense or add up. We will try to adjust and make recommendations in measurements if we spot inaccuracy but will not be responsible for the fit or any alterations.

Any changes to be made, needs to be brought to our notice within 5 days of placing order, we cannot guarantee the changes, but shall try our best, depending on situational circumstances.

We at Rivesse work with a set format for measurements. The measurements provided by you will solely remain with us. However, the set format is strictly for our reference only, and we do not share the format or measurements taken by us with our customers.

Every outfit at Rivesse has a margin of 2 inches. We go by the measurement provided by you at the time of placing the order, any changes in weight, or body measurements will not be our responsibility, and we will not be responsible for any alterations. However, if the customer needs additional alterations, we shall make it possible for an additional charge and must be informed to us within 14 days after the delivery. Alterations requests post 14 days will result in additional cost.

The measurements given by you will not be guaranteed by us. Any changes, or changes after alterations will solely be the customer’s responsibility.

Customer-taken-Measurements: If the measurements were taken by us, and the fit is not satisfactory, we will make our best efforts to assist in altering and fixing the outfit. However, please note that this process may require 3-4 weeks of time to ensure the best possible outcome.

Timely Notification – It is crucial to provide us with sufficient time and notify us within 14 days of delivery if alterations are required. Failure to do so releases us form responsibility for any alterations requested thereafter.

Groomsmen Alterations – For Groomsmen outfits, we rely solely on the measurements provided by each groomsman. The outfits will be tailored based on their chest size, height, waist, and thighs. If any groomsman has special needs, such as different thigh sizes, or really big calf muscles, it is essential to communicate this information to us while providing the measurements.

Outfit Production: We will make the outfits to the best of our knowledge and expertise based on the measurements provided. However, please note that we will NOT be responsible for any type of alterations required for the groomsmen’s outfits.

How much will the shipping cost?

Ready to Wear: Shipping is $10 on Ready to Made garments within USA.

Made to Order: $40 for the most orders, unless the order quantity is large and requires a bigger box then we will contact you to let you know of any additional shipping charges which may incur.

Do I need to pay Custom/Import Duties & Taxes?

Please be aware that import duties and taxes are not encompassed within the item price or shipping expenses. These charges, if applicable, are your responsibility and will be collected by the carrier. The amount of duties and taxes is subject to variation, contingent on the value of the product and the destination country for your order's delivery.

Can I get my product customized?

Yes, but please contact us via email with all the customization you are looking for along with some reference pictures.

What are your store hours?

We work on an appointment basis only, and we prefer to do them over the weekends. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit us to meet over the weekends, we can schedule something during the weekdays. Please email us to book your appointment with us.