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Sherwani is ethnic wear a representation of monarchy; its history extends back to its elegance and dashing looks in the 16th and 17th centuries when it was only worn by Turkish and Persian royalty during the Mughal Rule. But after that, sherwanis first became well-liked among the Mughal nobility as regal clothing. Emperors, princes, and other members of the Mughal court wore highly embroidered and embellished Sherwani for Men that were fashioned from fine textiles. Although Western-style clothes became increasingly popular in India during the British colonial era, the sherwani was still ethnic wear for formal occasions, notably by Indian nobles and wealthy families. Now Sherwani are worn in Indian weddings.

Generally dress in a Mens sherwani, an Indian traditional dresses, for formal gatherings and special occasions. It is a long coat-like dress that frequently has elaborate embroidery and ornamentation. Sherwanis are a common choice for grooms and Groomsmen Outfits at Indian weddings because of their reputation for being regal and exquisite. Sherwani is also worn in Sangeet outfits and Mehndi outfits, Groomsmen outfits.

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