• Gargi

    I cannot thank Rivesse enough!! We were in a pinch, 3 weeks away from our wedding and my fiancé got his original sherwani and it was a hot mess. We were super stressed but then I got in contact with Rivesse and they saved the day. Super responsive and helpful and even with limited time we got the perfect outfit for our garba. It fits like a glove!!! Highly recommend!!

  • Malay

    I got a suit made for my sisters wedding.
    From picking the fabric to stitching to customizing and stitching. The Process was smooth and Ishan was very detailed with his work. It was a pleasure working with him and his team. He also made my suit in Mumbai and got it to my house in the US in less then 48 hours.
    I’ll see you next month for another suit boss 🙏🏽 #Cheers’!

  • Darshan

    My experience with Rivesse was easy and quick. I need a tux in 4 weeks and he was able to deliver one in 3 weeks. From the day I called home I took me 2 days to get my measurements and find the style Tux I wanted and the process started right away. Got my Tux in time and it was a perfect fit. I would order from them again and also highly recommend a tux for the price and turnaround time you get with Rivesse.

  • Nazma

    Finding an outfit for women during the wedding festivities is hard enough, but then to find outfits for your family members, brothers, is definitely another challenge. I came across Rivesse clothing on Instagram. I contacted them though DM and WhatsApp. The response was immediate and the help Ishan and his team provided was outstanding, to say the least. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only the quality of the work was amazing, the conversation and discussion of details and creativity was the best part. Everything was so easy and all the items arrived on time, as promised, no issues with delivery or payments. I was very skeptical about ordering online, just with pictures and measurement, perhaps it won’t fit or the material won’t be the same, etc. However, the team was so helpful and made great recommendations, which made me feel comfortable and at ease and was able to trust the process. I think the best part was, getting feedback and working together to create the outfits together. This was the least stressful part of entire wedding process. Will definitely order again and recommend!

  • Vijeta

    Ishan is a miracle worker. We were barely 10 days out from my brother’s wedding in Spain and were having major issues finding the right accessories to match his outfit. I had been following Rivesse on Insta for a while so thought I’d take a chance and reach out, even though I know that custom pieces typically take weeks if not months. Ishan truly came to the rescue and kept in touch with me through all hours of the night even though we were working across three separate time zones. He not only created the perfect pieces and had them sent to us in time, he was even willing to customize a whole new outfit in our crazy impossible timeframe! Do not hesitate - definitely use Rivesse for all your Indian menswear needs! 🙏🏽

  • Mihir Vyas

    My experience with Rivesse was super easy and great, I was very satisfied with the service and the product. Rivesse did a great job guiding me and helping with styles and colors. They also came up with a great concept for the outfit. Something I had never imagined of. The communication was also super easy and most questions/queries were responded to within 24 hours. I will definitely recommend the Rivesse brand to anyone who asks me and I will also order more outfits from them. They beat my expectations of ordering something online and from someone whom I hadn't known until now. My experience with them was easy and I was really happy with the end products. I will be ordering many outfits from RIvesse in the future.

  • Kejal

    My experience was really amazing and it was extremely easier than expected. I had my doubts before placing an order for a suit, but his measurement techniques and styling recommendation allowed me to envision myself in the suit. And the suit came out perfect and there were no alterations needed. Ishan did a great job guiding me and helping with styles and colors and he came up with a great concept for the outfit. Additionally, communication with Rivesse was super easy, I needed a suit on urgent basis, and he turned it around within 3 weeks! Something I wasn’t expecting atall. I will be recommending this to anyone who asks me. I will also order more outfits from Rivesse and Ishan. Overall, a great experience would be recommended to my friends and family. He was very professional and precise with the measurements. he also recommended the look of the suit to fit your body type.

  • Nirmal

    My experience was perfect and didn’t expect anything less than what was advertised. It also helps being a friend but you answered all of our questions and were patient with us while we discussed.

    Process was rather seamless. You outlined everything I needed to do specific to (measurements) and ensured the fit would be right - it was perfect

    Styling was as expected. You helped walk us through design elements and fabrics to ensure we understood what we were buying. This was helpful because I could only see fabrics via picture.

    Would I order again and recommend to others:
    Yes, obviously. Fit is always my biggest concern and it was addressed head on.

  • Khev

    Additional comments: Ishaan is a very patient, understanding, and great with communicating. He puts in 100% effort to make sure his client's are pleased. He was able to squeeze in orders last minute for us, which otherwise would have taken over 2-3 months to make. He got it done within less than 3 weeks. Not only was he patient throughout the entire process, but the end result was beyond expectation. The Sherwani was absolutely STUNNING. We would work with Ishaan over and over again, and certainly recommend him to anyone looking for the NEWEST Indian Men Attire. His hard-work, craftsmanship, and attention to detail certainly show that Rivesse will be a leading brand name and Ishaan Sanghvi will be one of the top designers for Indian Menswear in no time. He is on his way to becoming an icon in the fashion industry.

  • Anand

    Rivesse was fantastic! The ownership taken by Ishan, the designer & owner, was unparalleled to any other custom design clothing company. He is highly recommended and will work with you to match the style you are requesting. Absolutely. I was satisfied with the style for all the outfits that were created for my wedding party and myself. Ishan was easy to communicate with via phone/email/text, etc. and was quick with the follow up to ensure that the material was created on time for the event. Purchased a reception outfit for myself as well as outfits for my groomsmen. Loved everything!

  • Gautam

    I went with Rivesse for all of my wedding outfits and could not have been any happier with the decision! They made 3 outfits for me in total including for my sangeet, wedding, and a tuxedo for the reception. Ishan was out of the country when I reached out to him and he went out of his way to work with me and within my budget and the attention to detail in their work was incredible. I would highly recommend them!

  • Amar

    Wanted to take some time out to say how awesome it was to work with Ishaan and Rivesse for my wedding. From personally taking us around Mumbai to calls to the U.S. from oversees, he really made sure that we were satisfied with the final design, feel and look of our outfits. His attention to detail and knowledge of blending traditional style with modern concepts is something to look forward to. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and it made the entire wedding weekend far less stressful. Thoroughly recommend working with Ishaan and Rivesse, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Fahad

    I wanted to Thankyou for shipping the sherwani to my brother like in a day. We were so happy with the fitting and everything, it was perfect! We loved it!! Thankyou so much! Now you have a client for life! I will always order from you. Thankyou for your amazing customer service. ❤

  • Andrew Matthew

    Working with Rivesse made wedding planning a breeze and made our special day that much more special. From the fitting and design all the way to getting the final outfit, the team at Rivesse holds them to a high standard and it shows in everything they do. As far as the actual outfits go, everything exceeded my expectations. The quality was exceptionable and it fit so comfortably. Communication with the team was quick, easy, and reliable. Pricing was realistic. Couldn’t imagine my wedding day in any other outfit.

  • Mark Leonne

    Ishan, thank you so much for your professionalism and personal care towards me. I am so looking forward to the suits per your recommendations. Appreciate your honesty towards styling recommendations.

  • Rakesh

    This is my first RIVESSE suit and so far I am far more than satisfied with the purchase. High quality fabric, impeccable workmanship and fair pricing compared to other made to measure brands. Excellent for a handmade suit of this magnitude. I only purchased suits from Boyds, but my cousin recommended me to try RIVESSE so I took a gamble, and I am very shocked with with the excellent fit and quality of the suit. I have already put in order for 2 more suits.

  • Amit Shah

    I came across RIVESSE via Instagram when all of my outfits ordered from India fell apart and didn’t fit me. With 13 days remaining for my wedding, I was determined to end up wearing a suit for my wedding ceremony until I contacted Ishan. Miraculously, he was able to deliver me my wedding sherwani within 9 days at my doorstep. We facetimed multiple times for measurements and he didn’t compromise on the fit anywhere. I am not sure how they pulled it off, but this guy literally saved me. I highly recommend people to consider Rivesse products.

  • Abhi

    I went shopping with my cousin for his wedding outfit and in the process Ishan somehow talked me into ordering a suit from him. At first, I was a bit skeptical because I wanted to see how my cousins clothes turn out. But this guy made me an offer which I couldn’t refuse. I get the suit for free if I am not satisfied with the quality and the fit, but if I am 100% satisfied then I order 2 more suits from him. And sure enough he delivered the suit within 3 weeks, and I kept up my end of the deal. His recommendations are extremely genuine and he won’t make you something that wont look good on you. And that is what I respected about his salesmanship.

  • Gaurav

    We attended a wedding in London and saw the grooms outfits and instantly I fell in love with the shoes and the shawl. I asked my fiancé to find out where in India they did their shopping from as me and my family were planning to fly to Mumbai for our wedding shopping. Shockingly it turned out that the vendor was located in Philly and we were only 2.5 hours away from them. The very next week we booked an appointment with Rivesse and placed an order with them. This saved us 3 weeks of traveling to India and flight expenses for 5 of us.

  • Nikhil

    Its funny how Ishan (Rivesse) and I got on off a wrong foot initially but now I have become their loyal customer. Initially I sent Ishan some reference pics and I wanted him to make me same exact outifts (thought I would make his work easier), but his reply was simply “sorry we don’t copy styles” and he sent me a link to from where I can buy the same sherwani. Which I thought was rude. Long story short, he sent me his lookbook and showed me some better options which made me reconsider working with him. I must say, I appreciated his honesty and working with me and designing something new from scratch.

  • Harshal (DC)

    Have you ever had to fly to India to do your wedding shopping with only 2 weeks in hand and visit over 15 shops a day drinking 10 cups of tea and having to end up choosing something you aren’t entirely sure about? Oh and top of that when your clothes arrive, they don’t fit and the colors are inaccurate. Then you have to try to fight the vendors in India when you are already back home. Well if you don’t want that to happen to you then visit your local vendor Rivesse based out of Philadelphia. After my experience I rushed to him and got everything remade. And guess what? I got exactly what I saw in his shop and the fit was shockingly perfect. Had I known about them before, I wouldn’t have bothered going anywhere. Thanks for all the work.

  • Padma

    We ran into Ishan at one of the fabrics shops in Mumbai last December and my eye caught some of the fabrics he was purchasing. He noticed we were from USA aswell and approached us offering help in selecting fabrics and helping us understand what will look good vs. not good in terms of style. He introduced his brand to us and we ended up meeting up at starbucks the next day where he showed us his moodboard  created for my husband and two sons outfits. Within 2 hours of the meeting we were sold on his ideas and gave him our wedding contract. He had eliminated all of our shopping headache. I am glad we ran into him that day.

  • @ragi

    Working with Ishan was an amazing experience. He worked with us to give us ideas on what looks would fit the image we had in our mind, and helped us choose the perfect tux to compliment my reception lengha.

    He also perfectly customized shoes to match an outfit we had previously bought from India. 

    His passion & patience are qualities that made this experience remarkable.

    As we all know 2020 has been a year of uncertainty & the unimaginable. When we placed our order we still imaged us getting married in May as we had planned, once we realized that wouldn’t happen I let Ishaan know but he still did everything in his power to get us the outfits we had ordered ASAP!

    Now my husband has these amazing outfits, we just have to wait to wear them. We can’t wait to order more outfits for future events!

  • Batmansdentist

    Ishan and his company “Rivesse” made preparing for my wedding a breeze. Very easy to work with and has a great knowledge of fabrics and styles that work in harmony. Nonetheless, I was exceedingly happy with my outfits and would recommend him any day over flying to India, only to feel disappointed and lost when things don’t work the way you want. I wanted something a little different for my reception look and Ishaan delivered the perfectly tailored tux to help me look 100 on the most amazing day of my life.  Rivesse FTW!

  • Snehal

    I came across their Instagram page and was blown away by their amazing design. I was looking for outfits for my wedding and decided to get in touch with them. From the very first point of contact to the moment where i received my outfits, I had an amazing experience.

    Ishaan was great at explaining the process and all the designs. He was very professional and transparent; at the same time he provided excellent feedback and input in the outfit. It’s truly a bespoke personalized experience that makes all the difference. The process was very seamless and simple. The delivery was punctual and exactly as promised. On delivery, I was blown away how perfect the outfits fit on me. It was the exact tailored look that I was looking for. I was more than satisfied and when I wore the outfits during my wedding, I received a lot of compliments on the design and the fit.

    Let’s not forgot one of the most important factors, the design! I had an indian outfit and a tuxedo made by Rivesse and both were amazing! The creativity, the details and the fit is truly what makes Rivesse what it is.

    The true difference maker here is definitely the experience. At no point do you feel uncomfortable or like you are working with a vendor; you feel like you are working with family/friend and this is what gives you the bespoke, personal experience.

    I am a lifelong customer/friend of Rivesse(Ishaan) and I will be recommending him to everyone I know.

  • Zara Abbas

    Rivesse was absolutely PHENOMENAL to work with. Due to Covid-19 and being an ICU doctor, my fiancé (who lived in Canada) and I hadn’t been able to see each other for months and decided last minute to have an intimate wedding ceremony to be together. We contacted Ishan about 3 weeks before the wedding (not fully expecting him to entertain such a ridiculous request), and he went above and beyond to work with us despite the time constraints. He designed a gorgeous custom outfit including sherwani, kurta, shoes, jewelry, and shawl, and had it made and shipped from
    India right in time for our big day. His customer service and business ethic are unbelievable- he even took the time to hand deliver the outfit to my home to help us out because of a last minute emergency.
    The outfit itself was premium quality and STUNNING. I had sent Ishan a photo of my wedding outfit, and he made recommendations for style and color matching for my husbands outfit to pull the look together for us. He then walked my husband through measurements over FaceTime and the outfit fit like a glove when it arrived.
    Rivesse came highly recommended by a few friends of mine and I can see why. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or a more beautiful outfit. Thank you so much for making our wedding dream come together!!

  • Vir

    I unreservedly and highly recommend Rivesse clothing for your custom menswear needs! I turned to Ishan for my wedding clothes as I needed two sherwanis, a jodhpuri suit, and a tuxedo made, and I ended up with outfits that perfectly met my needs. The typical Indian menswear stores I went to all had similar, stale, and expensive looks, none of which felt right for my wedding day. Then I met Ishan and immediately knew my experience was going to be dramatically better with Rivesse. Looking at his body of work, it was easy to trust Ishan because he clearly had a keen eye for modern, fresh, and creative menswear. He understood I was hoping for a mix of fun and traditional looks. It was truly refreshing to work with someone young who was invested in making sure I loved how I looked throughout my wedding events. 

    Simply put, Ishan ‘gets it.’ He listened thoughtfully to my specific needs, sourced quality fabric that fit the different looks I was going for and delivered perfectly fitting and amazing looking finished products - all for a very affordable price. Throughout the whole process, Ishan and his team proved to be flexible and provided invaluable insight into the looks I was hoping to achieve. Their turnaround was dependable, fast, and as promised. The quality of the work was evident in the final product and the custom tailoring ensured everything fit perfectly. From head to toe, the outfits, shoes, and accessories Ishan made struck the ideal balance between unique and sophisticated, fun but elegant. I am so grateful for Rivesse and would not go anywhere else in the future for my formal Indian or western menswear!