1. If your suit is unalterable (alteration value exceeds by $75) by Rivesse or your local tailor, we will remake the suit for free. To apply for a remake, we either need to see you in person to understand the flaws in the suit or you need to upload the following pictures on our website with the 30 day time frame.
    • Please let us know within 10 days of receiving your order if you are going to require alterations on your garment.
    • Please take 3-4 pictures of you wearing the suit and where doesn’t it fit you.
    • Please have someone take the pictures for clarity. Selfies or mirror pictures will not be accepted.
    • Indicate the measurement changes you require and from which part of the body.
    • A brief description of the changes required.
    • You can use the alteration form provided on the website to indicate the required changes.
    • Once all the information is provide, RIVESSE will review the request and contact you to inform you whether if more information is required or your remake has been approved.
    • Please allow 4 weeks for a remake.
    • We will need you to return the original merchandise back to us. Return to the store address will be accepted.
    • Rivesse reserves the right to make an additional charge or charges to your account based on violations of its Remakes policy. The Remakes policy requires you to return the original item purchased within 30 days of the successful submission of a remake application. Violations of the Remake policy can result in an additional charge for the remake item at its then current full retail value including any applicable taxes. Failure on the part of Black Lapel to make any additional charges to your account does not release you from your responsibility to return the original item.
    • Remember to keep your receipt as you’ll need a photo or a scan of it to qualify for the alterations credit. Once you have your alterations form and receipt ready, please send us an email at We’ll process the credit and adjust your measurement profile so that we can perfect your fit on future orders.
  2. Remake/ Rejection – RIVESSE reserves to reject a remake under following circumstances:
    • If a suit can be altered by local tailors and fits you as you required.
    • When local tailor has already made alterations to the garment and a refund for credit has been already applied for.
    • If errors were made by the customer during the time of order. Errors such as, incorrect measurements provided, wrong fabric selected, incorrect style chosen during the time of customization…
    • If garment has been damaged, worn, torn, improper care, or abuse.
    • Any other circumstances not mentioned above are discovered during the time of examination, RIVESSE may deem that a remake is not required.
    • RIVESSE will only remake the garment that doesn’t fit appropriately. If pants fit perfect but the jacket needs changes, than only the jacket will be remade and not the entire suit.
    • All remakes will be made using the original fabric depending on the availability of the fabric. If the same style/fabric isn’t available, customers will be asked to choose another suit of equal or lesser value.
    • If the remake doesn’t fit following options are available to our customers.
      • Request for a refund
      • Get it altered by your local tailor and apply for credit