How Do A Tuxedo And A Suit Differ?

How Do A Tuxedo And A Suit Differ?

Although the terms "Tuxedo" and "Suit" are sometimes used interchangeably to refer to a suit jacket and suit trousers, the structure may remain the same. Satin is the primary distinction between a tuxedo and a suit. So let's review the key distinctions between a suit and a tuxedo:

What differentiates a Tuxedo as such?

  1. Bow ties go with tuxedos, and suits can be worn with or without ties.
  2. Suit lapels are made of the same fabric, but tuxedo lapels have satin, which can even be a different shade.
  3. While suits have standard suit buttons that aren't covered in satin fabric, tuxedos also feature satin buttons.
  4. Suit pants lack the satin stripe found on tuxedo pants.

It's great if you already have the necessary information! Our goal was to keep it simple. Now is the time to design your tux. However, if you'd like to know more, like:

  • What to wear to a wedding
  • When to wear a tuxedo
  • What exceptions there are

In the sections that follow, we will discuss that. Please feel free to distribute this infographic so that everyone is aware of the distinctions between these two products and how to properly define each one:

Tuxedo And A Suit Differ for Wedding

What to dress for a wedding: 

Should I wear a wedding suit or wedding tuxedo? These are both wise choices. Depending on what's written on the invitation—if not, inquire with the groom. If the fiancé is unsure of what to say, consider some of these suggestions:

For daytime weddings: 

Wearing a suit is advised if in doubt. Tuxedos are typically worn for evening events.

For evening weddings: 

suit and tuxedo. These are both excellent choices.

In the event of a beach or destination wedding:

Since most wedding guests will be dressing more casually, you can wear a light-colored suit and, if the weather is a concern, even linen. You can wear a business suit to this kind of event, but a linen-cotton suit will definitely feel much more comfortable. In any case, the groom might don a tuxedo. Come on, he can wear whatever he wants today; it's his day.

You can wear a waistcoat with either, but if you're wearing a tux, please check out our selection of tuxedo vests.

Prom Tuxedo / Prom Suit

For all high school students, prom is a very exciting event. Put your best foot forward and dress however makes you feel beautiful. Just abide by these basic guidelines:

  • If you want to wear a bow tie, choose a tuxedo
  • Put on a suit if all you want to wear is a tie. Wearing a bow tie is not appropriate, but you can pair your suit with a tie.

Our advice: 

Avoid matching your bow tie or tie to your partner's outfit colour. Please refrain from. Be resilient. 

Dinner Suit / Tuxedo

A tuxedo and a dinner suit are interchangeable.  The phrase "dinner suit" can help you determine appropriate tuxedo wear. It is evening wear, which is also referred to as an evening suit or evening dress (for men), as we previously stated in this post. Whatever you want to call it, you'll probably hear the term "dinner suit it" more often in the USA.

When to Wear a Tuxedo / Suit?

Daytime wedding > Suit

Night wedding > Tuxedo or dark suit

Beach wedding > Suit

Business > Suit

Casual > Suit

Formal > Tuxedo or dark suit

Prom > Tuxedo or suit

Tuxedo Jacket / Suit Jacket

Although the structure of both tuxedo and suit jackets is similar, there are some differences to be noted in terms of satin, buttons, fabrics, colours, and accessories:


Satin buttons, a satin lapel (often in black), and an optional satin stripe across the pocket are all features of the tuxedo.


Tuxedos used to have just one button, while suits typically have two, though single-breasted jackets sometimes have one or three buttons.


More versatile materials for suits include blends of cotton and linen in addition to various types of wool. Velvet tuxedos are both available.


Tuxedos are usually black, blue, or white. However, seeing shades of red or green is not unusual. Grey and blue are the standard colours for suits, but beige is also becoming more popular, especially when linen is worn.


You can accessorise your suit with a tie, pocket square, and belt. Tuxedos can be accessorised with a pocket square, bow tie and tuxedo sash (avoid belts if at all possible).

Tuxedo Pants / Suit Pants

Tuxedo trousers have satin stripes on both of their outside sides. Perhaps you haven't noticed them. Not with suit trousers. That would be the primary distinction. Furthermore, tuxedos and suit pants go well together with a sash and a belt, respectively.

Tuxedo jackets in white or blue are frequently worn with black trousers. For a formal look, black, red, and white accents go well with a white tuxedo jacket. Suits and jackets that don't match can also be stylish.

Tuxedo Pants

  • Have satin stripes
  • Combined with a sash

Suit Pants

  • Don't have satin stripes
  • Combined with a belt

Tuxedo Shirts / Suit Shirts

You're already familiar with the style of suit shirts. Finding the perfect combo for patterned shirts can be challenging, but we'll talk about that in another blog post.  Any suit is always appropriate with a white collared shirt.

Shirts for tuxedos are slightly different:

  1. Only in certain situations may black tuxedo shirts be worn; otherwise, a white shirt is required.
  2. Wingtip collars are typically included with tuxedo shirts. This is ideal for showing off your bow tie.
  3. Since tuxedo shirts must be worn with cufflinks, they are always paired with french cuffs.
  4. Pleats are optional but are an option.

How to Combine a Tuxedo

This is the standard tuxedo outfit combination. Uninteresting? Yes, but in a safe way as well. Black tuxedo shirt with white handkerchief, black bowtie, and cufflinks; white tuxedo shirt. Would you prefer something alternative? When personalising your tuxedo, experiment with different bow ties, lapel shapes, and even satin colours.

Choose the Right Outfit:

Start by picking out a well-tailored tuxedo that accentuates your best features.

Shirt Selection:

Invest in a white dress shirt with a collar that tips up for a classic and elegant style.


Pick out a white pocket square and a black bow tie. Wearing a vest or a cummerbund can help you look even better.

Shoes and Socks:

The traditional option for tuxedos is polished black patent leather shoes paired with black socks.

Final Touches: 

Your tuxedo ought to be polished and free of creases.

How to Combine a Suit

Look at the starting pack for "How to combine a suit". Handkerchief plus belt plus tie. The shirt, what about it? You can, but it's not required to be a french cuff shirt. As you create your custom suit, experiment with different combinations.

Choose the Right Outfit: 

Select a suit that is the ideal fit for you. The colour choice should complement your body type and the occasion.

Shirt Selection:

Opt for shirts with neutral tones, such as light blue or white. Checks and stripes are two patterns that can give depth.


Wear a tie that matches the colour of your suit to complete the look. Cufflinks and pocket squares can add character.

Shoes and Socks: 

Brogues, loafers, or leather oxfords can be worn with a suit. Align the colour of your socks with your suit.

Final Touches:

Ensure everything about your appearance is perfect, including the pressing of your suit.


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