Wedding Season

Get Ready To Win The Fashion Game This Wedding Season.

An Indian wedding is a beautiful sight. It's the most festive and lavish occasion, full of mouthwatering cuisine, vibrant culture, and extravagant attire. Men may make the most of what they have, even though women have many options when it comes to clothing. Though men's ethnic wear is traditionally limited to a spectrum of outfits from expensive and regal embroidered sherwanis to casual and understated kurta-pajamas, some talented designers are going above and beyond to expand the options.

Outfits According To The Occasion 


The size of engagement rituals vary depending on the culture and family history. It might range from a large, opulent ceremony to a smaller, more intimate one. Choose a neutral ensemble that works with either scale. If you have a flair for the unusual, play around with the cuts on your kurta. Choose an asymmetrical or cowl hemline and wear it with a Patiala or churidar after a Nehru jacket.

  1. HALDI

Turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom's skin on Haldi because the spice is believed to cleanse the skin and eliminate dead cells from the body. It's a colorful and chaotic event. Wearing anything embroidered or shiny is not recommended because the clothing will most likely become stained.

As a male guest, dress elegantly yet subtly in ethnic wear. An earthy color scheme might be appropriate for this situation. Wearing a loose-fitting kurta pajama or a yellow shirt would help you fit in with the overall design..


The mehendi or henna ceremony is much more gender specific for women than for men. Refrain from becoming glitzy once more as the focus is on the women. Choose a kerchief or a pathani suit with riveted buttons to keep it low key. Afghani or pathani suits are incredibly comfy and will make you seem amazing. To achieve a modest look, pair cotton printed kurtas with plain churidars if you want to go a little bolder.


Sangeet is the time to welcome those much-needed stylish outfits and to put an end to your simple wardrobe. It's a musical evening full of dancing performances and hearty footwork, so choosing clothes that will enable you to show off your dance moves with confidence is crucial. Opt for opulent fabrics like brocade and captivating silhouettes over bulky, embroidered jackets or sherwanis. Even more tastefully, you could pair a printed cravat with a simple shirt or jacket to tone it down. Pair a vividly printed waistcoat with a designer light-colored kurta for a classy yet fashionable look. 


One of the happiest moments of the entire wedding is the baraat. When the groom and his friends and family arrive at the venue on a horse, it's a boisterous and joyous occasion. Be ready to dance on the highest notes if you are the groom's family. Wearing clothing that won't restrict your movements is ideal. Ethnic Drape kurtas with vibrant colors and a regular fit will look amazing. Choose shoes that won't cause you any pain because there will be a lot of rolling and jigging. Choose shirts and pants if you want to maintain a semi-formal look with your attire. Avoid wearing kurtas and jackets with contours.


At last, the day had arrived that had everyone agitated and anticipating. Avoid wearing casual clothing, such as jeans and T-shirts, to the wed-lock ceremony. Although men may have fewer options than women, styling is always a wise move if done correctly. The following are some possible outfits for attending an Indian wedding:


Although sherwanis are regionally specific, the best options are the sophisticated Jodhpuri sherwani with an embroidered collar and placket to look incredibly royal, the Indian sherwani with a churidar to add extra charm, the Achkan sherwani with dhoti pants to stand out from the crowd, and the Angrakha sherwani to add a hint of the Mughal era.

Bandhgala & Jodhpuri:

Wear a white, beige, or even pastel bandhgala to the wedding to wow everyone. And you can also wear jodhpuri to project a dapper image.

Nehru Jacket:

Your best option for a winter wedding neckline is a cowl neckline; however, it will look better without the extra layering. Choosing a cowl hemline or silhouette with a Nehru jacket is an additional option. For a clean, contemporary look, go easy on the prints.


The customary ceremony of reception is less traditional and more western in nature. Wear your best-fitting suits to the formal ceremony to look put together. If you've made the decision to go all out for formal wear, remember to finish it off with a tie pin, cufflinks, and a bow tie. You'll look great in a sophisticated tuxedo in colors like navy, wine, violet, and black.

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