Guide To Indian Groom Wear

A Guide To Indian Groom Wear: Types Of Traditional Indian Wedding Wear Outfits

Why should brides have all the fun when it comes to wedding outfits? Grooms also receive their fair share and have a wide range of options. Nowadays, selecting the ideal wedding attire for grooms has grown challenging, but we are here to assist you in making the proper choice.

Grooms' options have historically been relatively limited and have always taken a back seat to brides, but that is no longer true. Today's groom's line has been significantly renovated by fusing conventional shapes with universal appeal and contemporary touches. Additionally, grooms have many alternatives, including traditional sherwani, jodhpuri suits, contemporary achkan, Indo-western, and many more.

Thankfully, men in the present era are significantly more knowledgeable and know the ideal attire for their special day. They are fearless in trying new things or choosing unusual looks. If you're a groom-to-be, you can choose from the many costume options listed below without spending any time on your wedding-related occasions.

Sherwani Suit:

Sherwani Suit


Sherwani is a coat-type long dress worn by South Asian (Indian) people. It is similar to a Western frock coat. It has some waist suppression and is fitting. Sherwani Is paired with flared kurta pajamas and a churidar or dhoti. It is one of the most popular and preferred traditional ethnic groom wear. One of the most common choices among grooms for the wedding ceremony is the sherwani. There is a royal and elegant vibe when you see a groom wearing a sherwani. The most trending sherwani style these days is an Anarkali kurta and churidar paired with a heavy embroidered jacket and dupatta; it gives the Groom a very classic

Draped Kurta pant with Embroidered Nehru Jacket: 

Draped Kurta pant with Embroidered Nehru Jacket

This draped-style kurta Pajama is ideal for grooms who do not want to wear a stole or shawl for their wedding rituals but want to add a flowing touch. The drape portion of the kurta resembles a pleated piece of fabric hanging from one shoulder to create a cawl at the bottom. On your special day, you will stand out with this distinctive look. You can also style it with a jodhpuri waistcoat, a Nehru jacket known as a Modi jacket, a long coat, or even a long jacket. Add a pair of churidars (fitting trousers) or pants to finish the appearance. Kurta pajamas appear classy, trendy, and refined.

Jodhpuri Suit:

Jodhpuri Suit

The jodhpuri is India's formal suit; similar to the tuxedo, the Jodhpuri suit is an elegant and ethnic outfit that combines a kurta, a Jodhpuri jacket and jodhpur or churidar bottoms. This Jodhpuri suit is also known as the Bandhgala suit. Jodhpuri Suit originated in the princely state of Jodhpur in the 19th century. Consider it a suitable alternative to a traditional three-piece suit. This kind of groom attire is ideal for the reception night.

Achkan Sherwani:

Achkan Sherwani

An achkan sherwani is a coat, and it is similar to a regular classic Sherwani. But Achkan is shorter and less flared on the waist than Sherwani. An achkan kurta set is ideal for any modern groom who prefers to dress in something fashionable that would make him stand out. Try choosing an achkan with churidar or pants styled with salwar to look elegant.

The Dhoti Kurta Set:

dhoti kurta

Dhoti Kurta is an outfit generally worn by grooms during the pre-wedding pujas. A long kurta or sherwani is worn with a dhoti, an unstitched garment draped over the bottom half of the body. No other Indian outfit can compare to the adaptability and comfort of a dhoti, so flaunt your desi style with a chic dhoti kurta. It is worn in west bengal also known as bengali dhoti kurta.

Kurta Pajama Set:

kurta pajama

Kurta Pajama Set is a classical Indian Traditional Outfit Made with cotton and linen to silk fabrics; it can be easily dressed up or down. Kurta Pajamas are mainly worn at pre-wedding ceremonies like sangeet, haldi, or mehendi. This outfit is worn in different styles, giving you comfort and class.

Kurta Pajama With Open Style Jacket: 

Kurta Pajama With Open Style Jacket

Open Sherwani Styled With Printed Kurta And Pants is very Today, nehru jackets have evolved into the ideal way for every man to rock a classic style. The open jacket sherwani often includes intricate embroidery, embellishments, or decorative patterns that add a touch of sophistication and charm. It is normally worn with a long tunic called a kurta and churidars, though it can also be worn with jeans or Western-style pants for a more casual appearance.

Indo Western Sherwani Set:

Indo Western Sherwani Set

The design of the sherwani's hemline or bottom edge, which includes angled or slanted cuts, producing a distinctive and modern aesthetic, is likely what is meant by the phrase "angle cut" or “angular cut sherwani” in this context. It also goes by the name of Indo Western Sherwani.


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