For weddings, official events, casual outings and other occasions, there are various American and traditional shoes that every man can wear to enhance his look and show his true style. Due to the rigors of preparing for traditional Indian weddings or other important events, many men often forget the importance of getting a pair of made-to-measure shoes. However, it is worth noting that American and traditional shoes are must-haves for any man that wants to feel safe and comfortable without neglecting the essence of his style. Whatever colors, styles, and embellishments you have decided to choose, you can always try out Kohlapuris, mojaris, jootis and other awesome traditional shoes available.

Apart from improving the look of the groom, the game of Joota Chupai makes fashionable, comfortable shoes a necessity for every groom. As a part of the wedding traditions of many South Asian communities, Joota Chupai refers to the rite of stealing the groom’s shoes which is often performed by any relatives of the bride such as cousins and sisters. While monetary gains are usually achieved at the end of this interesting game, this rite has more significance that has made it vital in many traditional Indian weddings. The game signifies that both families involved in the wedding welcome each other and are committed to ensuring an everlasting union filled with fun and laughter. Also, the money given shows the readiness of the groom to cater to the needs of the bride.

If you would like to get customized shoes that are specially made to suit any occasion, you should make it a duty to get only made-to-measure shoes. These shoes are solely designed based on your size and taste, and they will undoubtedly fit into your feet than ready-made ones.

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